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Paxos island attractions


Colourful pebbled shores, dramatic white cliffs, verdant groves and crystalline azure waters; thousands of colours, and then, a thousand more as the sun begins to set, transforming everything with its last fiery rays. Paxos Island is tiny, yet its awe-inspiring beauty seems endless, and to attest to that, its devoted fans who keep returning to this small, hidden paradise of the Ionian Sea. Paxos’ few, but nevertheless worthy attractions are:



Almost all beaches in Paxos Island are pebbled, and with no organized facilities.

Some beach bars and tavernas offer sunbeds and umbrellas or other amenities such as showers and changing booths, but there is no strictly organized beach on the island.

The shores of Paxos are beautiful; surrounded by turquoise waters perfect for swimming and scuba diving you will undoubtedly find some of Greece’s most stunning beaches here!

Some of the most interesting beaches are the popular Plakes in Gaios, the dreamy Levrehio nestling under thick shadows of trees, the manmade bay of Moggonisi, the only sandy beach on the island and the charming Harami, with a view to the harbour of Lakka and a quaint lighthouse.

Also worth mentioning are some beaches of the rocky western coast, such as Galazio, named after the striking light blue colour of the waters is a tiny slab of land hidden beneath the harsh rocky cliffs, and it is accessed only by sea.

Avlaki, just north of Galazio with the reef of Agrilas ideal for scuba diving and Erimitis, famous for its dramatic white cliffs that change colour at sunset, taking every shade of orange and red.


The most beloved and unusual attractions of Paxos Island are without a doubt the impressive caves and rock formations of the rugged western coast.

Hop on any of the excursion boats leaving the Gaios port daily to visit

the mesmerizing Blue Caves – one of them so large that the notorious WWII submarine “Papanikolis” was rumoured to hide in – or the imposing Tripitos Arch and Ortholithos rock formations.

Sailing cruises or even private yacht chartering is the perfect way to explore every inch of the Paxos coasts, as you get to see even the most remote and secluded corners, some not accessible by land. Pick the spot you like and hop over for a swim or snorkelling, and truly absorb the beauty and charm of this tiny island.

Scuba Diving

As rich and beautiful is the coast of Paxos Island, so intriguing and diverse is its underwater;

Scuba diving enthusiasts find in Paxos a small nirvana of underwater grottos, reefs full of marine life and amazing aquatic sceneries.

Starting from the reef of Agrilas, on the western of Paxos near the rock of Ortholithos, where you will find the underwater Anemones caves and passages through the reef, the Cathedral cave and the impressive Sunshine cave, named so due to the rays of sunlight that seemingly pierce the waters from holes on the cave’s roof.

At the Balos diving spot you can explore the sunken port of Paxos, whereas the Petritis Rock is perfect for deep water diving and large fish sightings.


At Gaios, the Venetian fortress of the Agios Nikolaos islet overlooking the port is one of the main attractions of the town, whereas the Paxi Museum is where you can acquire a comprehensive outlook on the history of the isle.

On the islet of Panagia, the Madonna Lighthouse is among the oldest lighthouses of the Ionian. On the western side of Paxos, in the area of Bouloukou, you can admire the archaeological finds known as the Cisterns of Sarakinos.


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