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Paxos island activities


This tiny island of the Ionian Sea may seem placid at first,
but there is an impressive selection of activities you can indulge into while staying in Paxos.


To begin with the obvious, swimming is an activity you are guaranteed to love when in Paxos.

Crystal clear azure waters and small pebbled beaches that maintain their natural charm, without large crowds or overly organized facilities. On the beaches of Paxos you can enjoy the sea and the sun for what they truly are, and swimming in such perfect waters is an unforgettable experience.


The island of Paxos is tiny, and most of its beaches are ……

In Lakka beach there are watersports facilities where you can find equipment and expert instructors for windsurfing and water skiing, whereas in other beaches such as Levrehio, Moggonisi and Harami you can find pedal boats and kayaks as well.

Scuba Diving

There are scuba diving centers that will provide professional guidance and equipment for exhilarating explorations of the rich aquatic life of Paxos, in both Lakka and Gaios.

Regardless of your previous scuba diving experience – or lack thereof – you can participate in diving expeditions in the rich underwater cosmos of Paxos, under the expert guidance of certified instructors. The majestic caves of the western coast, the Agrilas reef, Petritis Rock and Balos are just some of the most popular diving spots around the island.

Sailing Cruises

Cruises around the island to secluded beaches and the caves of the western side of the island are also a favorite activity for those who wish to experience the savage beauty of Paxos, whereas the island’s close proximity to Corfu, Parga, Antipaxoi and other Ionian isles makes island hopping excursions a comfortable and appealing activity.


The small size of the island makes it easy to explore on foot; hiking trails are abundant and relatively easy to follow and they will lead you to hidden, secluded villages, charming chapels and picturesque coves with a gorgeous view to the sea or the mainland.

Perfect spots for viewing the sunset are the balcony of Kastanida at the southwest of Lakka and the Lakka Lighthouse, whereas amazing views to the entire island and the sea you can admire from the highest peak, where the Church of Saint Isaurian is located. Equally appealing is setting on exploring the island on horseback or by bike.


The Paxos cuisine, similarly to the entire gastronomic heritage of the Eptanese has been influenced by both Greece and Italy.

Thanks to the Venetians, who made an effort to plant the entire Paxos with olive trees, the island is sufficient in high quality olive oil, a delightful – and healthy – addition to almost any dish.

In Gaios, Lakka and Logos you will find an interesting selection of traditional tavernas, snack bars and restaurants that serve fresh and local delicacies at quaint establishments with beautiful views to the sea.

From the catch of the day that can be anything from calamari and bream to shrimp and lobster, to traditional dishes such as gemista, dolmades and zucchini fritters.

Greek wines and ouzo are the perfect addition to any meal, whereas the Italian influence is evident in the desserts, where homemade tiramisu or creamy panakota and gelato are a favorite treat!

Additional Information

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